Creating a New Account

The Public Abstract Request System (PARS) is a secured online system operated by the Department of Transportation that allows businesses/organizations who enroll to purchase driver or vehicle abstracts/records online as PDF downloads. Businesses/Organizations that use PARS are typically insurance companies, school districts, towing companies, transport businesses, and other organizations who frequently monitor driver and vehicle activity.

You will need a few things before you can create your PARS account:


Each user must have a WAMS ID. Creating a WAMS ID does not grant you access to PARS.

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Background Check

Every Wisconsin resident and non-resident must submit a background check through the proper channels.

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Businesses apply for a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) with the US IRS during initial business registration with the State.

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Drivers License or State ID

The driver license or state ID number for each user is needed to authorize them for account access.

Got everything?

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