Frequently Asked Questions

PARS General Information

How much does it cost to enroll in the service?

The costs associated with a PARS account are as follows:

  • A background check must be submitted for each user before they can be added to the account.
  • A background check must be submitted for each user if they are kept on during account renewals (occurs every 4 years).
  • Once a user is authorized on the account, each search they do for a driver or vehicle abstract in PARS results in a $5 charge no matter the result of the search. For example, if the search turned up no results, a $5 charge would still be applied. These costs are paid via automatic bank withdrawals.

How do I pay my fees for abstracts?

Payments are automatically debited using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system. Upon enrollment, the authorized system user will access PARS using their secure password and provide account information to set up their ACH account. The ACH system is a secure, private network that connects banks by way of the Federal Reserve Board or other ACH operators. This network enables secure electronic payments. No other payment methods are accepted.

What is a driver record abstract?

Driver record abstracts are computer-generated images of DMV's driver records. DMV keeps most driver record entries for the last five years; however, certain convictions can result in a driver record being retained indefinitely.

Driver abstracts contain the following standard information:

  • Name and address
  • Driver license or identification card number
  • Gender and date of birth
  • Former names
  • Dates and types of traffic convictions, accidents, restrictions and withdrawals

What is a vehicle abstract?

Vehicle record abstracts are computer-generated reports of a vehicle record. DMV keeps most vehicle records for the last five years; however, if a vehicle record has a lien or non-expiring plate it may remain in our records longer.

Vehicle abstracts contain the following standard information:

  • Name and address of the titled owner
  • Name and address of the registered lessee
  • Vehicle year, make and model
  • Brand information, e.g., salvage, manufacturer buyback, etc.
  • Fuel type, vehicle color (if provided), odometer reading and status
  • County and city where the vehicle is kept
  • Title number and process date of application
  • Lien holder
  • License plate number, date processed and expiration date
  • Plate registration status

Note: Some license plate records are not available through PARS, such as tribal, apportioned and dealer plates.

How long am I enrolled once I sign up?

Enrollment is effective for four years. Upon re-enrollment, account and user information must be resubmitted, including criminal background checks for all users.

PARS Application and Enrollment Questions

If I have already run background checks on all my employees, do I still need to run new criminal background checks to enroll in the program?

Background check results must be generated within 60 days of PARS enrollment. If the background check already run on the user was within the last 60 days and fits other background check requirements, it can be submitted for PARS enrollment.

Do I have to run criminal background checks through the Wisconsin Department of Justice?

PARS users who are Wisconsin residents are required to submit Wisconsin Department of Justice criminal background check results.

Please note: you are also required to keep a copy of the criminal background checks on file.

Order a criminal background check through the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) at . To submit a one-time background check request:

  • Go to the provided link.
  • Select the 'PUBLIC ACCESS' tab and click the blue 'SUBMIT REQUEST' button.
  • Follow instructions provided.
  • Be sure to keep record of the order reference number so you can access the background check results. We are unable to retrieve the results from the Department of Justice directly.
  • When background check results are available, you will need to retrieve the results online from the 'PUBLIC ACCESS' tab.
  • Results are uploaded within your online application. Preferably as a PDF, XDOC, or DOC file.

Be sure to keep record of the order reference number in order to access the results. Order reference numbers are 6-7 characters long with both numbers and letters. Letters are case sensitive.

Results are generally available the same business day.

Can I use another criminal background check provider if I'm not located in Wisconsin?

Yes, but instead of the Wisconsin Department of Justice check, you must submit a nationwide criminal background check of them generated from a private vendor within the last 6 months. For a complete list go to the FBI Approved Channelers web page .

Please note: you are also required to keep a copy of the criminal background checks on file.

What does the Agreement Coordinator do?

The Agreement Coordinator acts as the mediator between users at their organization/business and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation/Wisconsin Interactive Network. They are responsible for submitting and authorizing all account and user updates. No other users or individuals can authorize account or user changes.

Can I create a single login to share across my organization?

No. Each user MUST have a unique WAMS ID (username and password) to access PARS. Sharing WAMS IDs and passwords is a violation of your Data Access Agreement and grounds for termination of your contract.

Do I need a WAMS ID if I am enrolling in PARS?

Yes. A WAMS ID is required for all PARS users in order access the system.

Create a WAMS ID

What should I do if I am taking over for someone else as the Agreement Coordinator for my company?

To take over the Agreement Coordinator position in place of someone else, you will need to complete the "Change Agreement Coordinator" online application. You will also need to consider the following:

  • Was the previous Agreement Coordinator also on the account as a user? Should they remain on the account as a user? If they are a user but should not be, you will need to removed them by completing the "Remove User(s)" online application.
  • If you would like to be a user on the account in addition to being the Agreement Coordinator, you will need to add yourself as a user using the "Add User(s)" online application.

How do I get a list of my current PARS users and their current PARS access?

Send a message to requesting a list of your organization's PARS users. Make sure your full company name and DMV account number is included in the e-mail.

What do I do if I forgot my WAMS ID or password?

Please visit the Wisconsin Access Management System to recover or manage your account. The recovery email you receive will contain your WAMS ID in parenthesis located after your name.

Can you just fill out my application for me?

Unfortunately, we are unable to fill out applications on your behalf. However, we are available to answer any questions you might have regarding any forms.

I have questions about my PARS application. Who can help me?

Please contact us at or 608-250-4606.

PARS System Questions

How do I read the abstract I just received?

This document provides information on how to interpret an abstract .

How do I use the PARS system?

Please see the PARS User Manual for questions on how to use the system.

How do I add a new user to our account?

The Agreement Coordinator of the account can add users by completing the "Add User(s)" online application.

Do I need to notify you if one of our PARS users leaves the company?

Yes. Users who are no longer with the company must be removed. The Agreement Coordinator of the account can remove users by completing the "Remove User(s)" online application.

Once enrolled in the program, where do I go to access the PARS system?

You can access the PARS system by clicking on this link .